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Protests – The only way out?

February 5, 2009 2 comments

On a busy Wednesday morning, 05/02/2009, hundreds of angry commuters blocked tracks at the Borivili station along the Western line for more than five hours, after a few rush hour trains were cancelled, stagnating the Mumbai lifeline.

Local trains in Mumbai ferry more than 6 million commuters everyday with people hanging out of the crowded compartments and traveling on the roof during rush hour. The citizens definitely need a better service. But are protests, holding up essential service, etc, the only way to get your demands heard?

Irate citizens, imploring ever since, have become helpless and started to protest for the smallest and essential needs, in the recent past. Why does our government act Deaf, Dumb and Blind until such a protest is carried out? The voice of a common man never reaches the politicians until the day when he steps down to the streets raising slogans, suspending essential services and of course, getting attention of the media.

Clearly, unlike this one, a peaceful protest like a candlelight march at the gateway of India, would not have got national focus and hype of this magnitude and have just ended up being a 30 second report in the 10 PM Bulletin!

The good part is that the Lok Sabha (also titled, the House of the People, by the Constitution.. HAHA!!) elections are coming up in the offing and as this issue has got some nation wide attention, we can expect some kind of immediate action from the government! I pity the condition of our people and the completely flawed Indian Government.

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