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Droid Droid!! :)

August 2, 2011 2 comments

After waiting for a pretty long time and doing a considerable research on the subject of Smartphones, I finally settled for the Samsung Galaxy S2, earlier last month. If I would have to describe this phone in one word, I would say…. “amazing” (+ a hundred exclamation marks :D).



This piece of gig is super-light, super-fast and super-clear. With a 1.2Ghz power-house beneath the hood, uber-cool display, flawless looks, superabundance of android 2.3 (Gingerbread) garnished with the convenience of the Samsung Touchwiz UI, it is a pretty handy stuff to own.

With its features ahead of the monovular Smartphone race by far, this phone is really worth the buck! If apple has anymore tricks up its sleeve, I would rather they don’t hold them back for future releases because S2…. it ain’t playin!


You can check out a complete review of the phone at à



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Hogenakkal- ‘Niagara of India’

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

12/06/2010,  wee hours of the Saturday morning, we (16 of us) stomped off on this memorable trip of our life time.

Since the time I saw the photos of my friends at this recently-controversial place in 2007, which I was unable to be a part of,  I had been waiting to be there. As the name would suggest, Hoge (fog; in kannada) + kal (rock; in Tamil), Hogenakkal surely tranquilizes one with its beauty and serenity.

I would like to share this Video, which I conjured up from the pictures shot during the trip. This beautiful place needs no further explanations.

A good quality version of  the same video can also be found at :!/video/video.php?v=452288552032&oid=129327783751719

It was beautiful and sunny till we finished our onward coracle ride and water games and drizzled mildly on our way back, which added to its charm 🙂  This must-visit-place would make a very good 1 day trip for the Bangaloreans, not very expensive too.

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Long Time No Post!

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Predictably, I have got the most obvious reason- I was busy.

Past few months have been pretty much exhausting. The Project, Telstra (Australian Telecom), on which I was working since the time I joined IBM , is shut down(almost). Early this year, Telstra decided to move its maintenance projects from IBM to new low- bidding vendors. It was a nice+weird experience to see people from other companies coming to IBM in order to get the knowledge transferred. It was funny to see them gulp 14 Years of IBM’s experience with Telstra in 60 days!  Well,  Good Luck Telstra, Break a leg!

My new venture, another Telecom Biggie- Vodafone, handled by IBM. Its a comparatively new project with more responsibilities and challenges (which includes a 50 KM drive everyday through wheezing Bangalore Traffic… wtf?!). Anyway thats my story and the saga still continues!

I hope to squeeze out a little time in the future to keep my blog frequently posted.

-Stay Beautiful, Ciao.

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NGO – Prerana notification

December 15, 2009 3 comments

Dear Friends,

If you come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2009) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infosys foundation).The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for   their further studies.

Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form

44th cross,1st ‘A’ main road,
jayanagar 7th block Bangalore
Mob no- 9900906338(saraswati)

Mr.Shivkumar( 9986630301) – Hanumanthnagar office

Ms.Bindu(9964534667 )-Yeshwantpur office

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Becharming Kodagu!

June 3, 2009 9 comments

As the saying goes “big surprises come in a small package”, came my way was a weekend trip to the Coorg valley, the second one!

To be frank, I did not have much expectation as I had already been to this place with a few of my closest friends. But this time I was able to catch the glimpse of a few corners of earth embraced in the enchanting beauty and purity of Mother Nature, which we happened to miss the first time.

The group: Suresh, Praveena, Mintee, Swati, Santosh, Anurag, Sameer, Ramesh (Driver).

Transport: Tata Sumo.

On Friday evening we left Bangalore for one our colleague’s wedding in Iritty, some where in Western Ghats, Kerala. After attending the wedding on Saturday morning, which I guess was just another reason for a weekend getaway :D, we stomped off to Madikeri. I must admit, the drive to Madikeri via Virajpet was memorable. Roads between the lush greenery were just re-energizing.


The places that we visited this time, apart from the ones that we covered on our first visit (see previous weblog :–-a-journey-to-the-scotland-of-india/ ), includes Talakaveri and Dubare.

If with a bunch of friends, a ‘home-stay’ in and around Madikeri would be more fun than staying in a hotel in the crowded city center. Ofcourse, the former can be a bit expensive(1500-3000 Rs/day). We reached Madikeri town around 9PM, not a really nice time to be in the city, unless you have your accommodation booked in advance.


'home-stay' morning stroll

We tried all possible numbers of all possible hotels in and around Madikeri town but in vain. All we could get were a few places far from the city and charges, insane! Exhausted after a day’s travel, we all were hungry and in desperate need of a good sleep. Our cab driver, Ramesh, told us that he knew a ‘home-stay’ close by. Although we had left hopes of finding a good place to stay, we gave it a shot. To our surprise and good fortune, it finally worked out! 😀 It was a really nice, warm, comfortable and cozy place, situated at New Extension, Madikeri(Around 2 Kms from Madikeri town). They charge around 1500/day, which I would say, is a sweetheart deal for the place. The expressions on our faces had it all. We were so much happy and relieved. Thanks to Ramesh, we were all saved!

One Sincere advice– Anybody visiting Coorg on a weekend, please have your stay booked in advance.

After a good night’s sleep, and a scrumptious breakfast in a near by Rajeshwari canteen, we left for Talakaveri.


About 50 KMs from Madikeri is the supposed origin of river Kaveri. The temple here is called Thalakaveri and is a beautiful setting to start your day with. A small temple tank offers the location for religious rituals and a stoned flight of steps leads to the spot where Rishis are said to have meditated in the past. Though nothing of great significance or grandeur exists here today, the place is well worth a visit to enjoy the setting.


Apart from the myth that the holy waters wash your sins off, there was something for everyone, something unexpected, something enchanting.

There was a 500 step steep ascent from the Talakaveri temple. We started climbing the steps having no idea where it lead to. But Finally the effort was paid off. This is the place where you can get one of the best views of the Coorg valley, midst the clouds, surrounded by lush greenery.. Voila!! indeed an entreat to the mind, body and soul.

talakaveri -1


Midst the clouds-talakaveri

talakaveri -3

By noon we climbed down, quenched our thirsts with a glass of fresh buttermilk and rolled on to Dubare.

Note: If you are planning to visit Talakaveri and return by noon, do carry some food along as you might not find any eateries on the way from Madikeri to Talakaveri and vice versa.


Dubare is a forest area, amidst the thriving greenery of Coorg on the banks of river Kaveri, in between Kushalnagar and Siddapur, wherein an elephant training camp of the Forest Department of Coorg is present. This area is populated by the Kurbas, the local tribals. During the period of Maharaja of Mysore, the Dubare reserve forest was used to train the elephants for the impressive Mysore Dussehra festival.


Apart from the elephant camp, Dubare has other attractions like rafting, fishing etc, which we did not indulge in, due to lack of time. To reach the elephant camp one has to cross this tributary of river Cauvery by ferry or by walk through the shallow waters, which I believe was more fun 😀

If you are really interested to see elephants, the best time to visit Dubare is before 2 PM. The clean and clear water would tempt anybody to have a dip in it, so did we!

The Finish

After a refreshing time spent at Dubare, we finally realized it was time for us to get going. Coorg certainly is a nature lover’s paradise. With a heavy heart, we drove to Kushal Nagar, had an awesome dinner and headed back to Bangalore. Roads from kushal Nagar to Bangalore are pretty good and are very much suitable for a night journey. We reached Bangalore around 1AM. It was time to wrap up these fond memories and put an end to one of the most beautiful trips that I have had.

Hope this article, in addition to the previous weblog, will be of some use to the folks looking forward to have a wonderful time at Coorg.


Abbey Falls





For still there are so many things that I have never seen,

In every wood, in every Spring, there is a different green.

– J.R.R Tolkien, “The Lord of the Rings”

References/Credits:–-a-journey-to-the-scotland-of-india/ – posted by Rahul

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Protests – The only way out?

February 5, 2009 2 comments

On a busy Wednesday morning, 05/02/2009, hundreds of angry commuters blocked tracks at the Borivili station along the Western line for more than five hours, after a few rush hour trains were cancelled, stagnating the Mumbai lifeline.

Local trains in Mumbai ferry more than 6 million commuters everyday with people hanging out of the crowded compartments and traveling on the roof during rush hour. The citizens definitely need a better service. But are protests, holding up essential service, etc, the only way to get your demands heard?

Irate citizens, imploring ever since, have become helpless and started to protest for the smallest and essential needs, in the recent past. Why does our government act Deaf, Dumb and Blind until such a protest is carried out? The voice of a common man never reaches the politicians until the day when he steps down to the streets raising slogans, suspending essential services and of course, getting attention of the media.

Clearly, unlike this one, a peaceful protest like a candlelight march at the gateway of India, would not have got national focus and hype of this magnitude and have just ended up being a 30 second report in the 10 PM Bulletin!

The good part is that the Lok Sabha (also titled, the House of the People, by the Constitution.. HAHA!!) elections are coming up in the offing and as this issue has got some nation wide attention, we can expect some kind of immediate action from the government! I pity the condition of our people and the completely flawed Indian Government.

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Nandi Hills & Kalavara Betta: A Sunrise Expectation

October 19, 2008 1 comment

Memories of the delightful Coorg trip had not yet sunk in. Last weekend, we didn’t have our regular MS classes, so I was musing what to do to enjoy the break. While browsing through Orkut, I came across Dhina’s album. He had made a recent trip to Nandi Hills with his friends. The pictures he had uploaded gave me some insight into how wonderful that place was through a photographer’s lens. Also, I remembered that I had once been there when I was staying with Navas some 2 years ago. Santosh was keen on visiting this place. Many of my friends had not made it to Coorg due to official and personal issues.  Hence, I proposed a bike trip to Nandi Hills. Rajeev declined at the last moment as usual. Venus had expressed his unavailability earlier. But over all, the crowd was big this time.

Riders: Ajo, Anoop, Anto, Grettu, Govind, Jerry, Manoj, Manu, Mithun, Rahul, Santosh,  Sitti, Sumesh and Yadav

Vehicles: Apache, Pulsar, Fiero, Unicorn, CBZ Xtreme, Maruti Swift

Total Distance Covered: 140 km


The wait:

Most of us reached diary circle by 3.15 am on the 12th of October. Grettu and his roomies were yet to come. The occasional reminder calls to him from all of us always brought the same reply – he will be there within 5 minutes. After a while, we got tired of the reply and started without him. The idea was that as he was traveling by car and could catch up with us on the highway. We rode to Devanahalli Airport. The chilly morning air posed difficulty for all us. Everyone agreed that it was bit cooler than Mysore road in the wee hours of the morning. Most of the group sped off, but I moved with a decent speed. The interesting fact was that I had not slept at all the previous night – I was wary of whether I would be able to go for the trip. But at last, excitement got the better of my decision. We sped along away into the morning and with the usual confusion about the route. We reached Kalavara Betta at around 6.00 am.

Kalavara Betta:

I have to say that I am disappointed totally in myself for some of my blunders. This was the first time I went for a trip without any knowledge about the place. Only when we reached the place did we know that we had to trek some 5 km to reach the top. This, no one knew before hand or rather, those who knew had kept quite. So this particular part will be about what we actually missed.

Kalavara Betta Hills are a part of the Skandagiri Hills. They are some 58 km from Bangalore. The speciality of the place is that once you reach the top you will be amidst clouds and get a blissfully scintillating view of the sunrise. On the way to the top you will cross a fort which was part built by Haider Ali and later completed by his son Tipu Sultan. The fort is a monumental structure and hence undoubtedly a beautiful building. At the top, you will also find an old temple of my favourite God – Lord Ganesha. An interesting fact here is that you will find a ‘Nandi’ opposite the Lord, which, normally, one would see only in a Shiva Temple.

I was not at all interested in trekking as I was not mentally prepared for it. But then Anto Bhaiyya said we will go till where we can and then return. Hence we trekked up about 2 km, took some pretty good pictures and descended. Yeah! I know what you must be thinking. But honestly there was no energy or mood. If you want to savour the beauty or the true meaning of the place, please reach there the previous night and start trekking at 12.00 am. Then you will reach the top before sunrise. I really rue missing that chance!

After descending, we all had hot idlis and tea and then started off to Nandi Hills. Meanwhile, Grettu had reached there with his friends.

Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills are around 27 km from Kalavara Betta. The last 15 km are the hike towards the top, which can be covered on vehicle. We reached the hill top by 9 am. The mist and the fog were slowly subsiding and the Sun was spreading its radiance.

These hills got their name because they resemble the ‘Shiva Vahanam’ – ‘Nandi’.  The most attractive spot here is the Tipu Drop. It is said that prisoners sentenced to death were pushed down the cliff at this very point. It gives a picturesque view of lush greenery and dense mist. The air is cool. I would call it a romantic spot for people who have an economical budget.  We spent time there – clicked some cool pictures, had a little fun and then started descending. We reached home at about noon. The return was a bit slow with occasional traffic signals that blocked our speedy progress.



I will never go for a trip without gathering ample information from friends with prior experience or from the internet. People who are planning to go, please do trek up the Kalavara Betta hills at the right time and enjoy the experience. Hoping that my wish to view the sunrise in its most exotic form will be realised some day, let me stop here.


Edited by: Rekha Narayanaswamy

Photographs: Rahul Soman


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