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Hogenakkal- ‘Niagara of India’

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

12/06/2010,  wee hours of the Saturday morning, we (16 of us) stomped off on this memorable trip of our life time.

Since the time I saw the photos of my friends at this recently-controversial place in 2007, which I was unable to be a part of,  I had been waiting to be there. As the name would suggest, Hoge (fog; in kannada) + kal (rock; in Tamil), Hogenakkal surely tranquilizes one with its beauty and serenity.

I would like to share this Video, which I conjured up from the pictures shot during the trip. This beautiful place needs no further explanations.

A good quality version of  the same video can also be found at :!/video/video.php?v=452288552032&oid=129327783751719

It was beautiful and sunny till we finished our onward coracle ride and water games and drizzled mildly on our way back, which added to its charm 🙂  This must-visit-place would make a very good 1 day trip for the Bangaloreans, not very expensive too.

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