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Nayakan – A debutante’s promising film.

Its been long since a Malayalam action movie has created an impact in my mind. Hence, I was quite weary to watch the latest movie ‘Nayakan’ which has Indrajith playing the lead role. But to my surprise debutante director Lijo Jose Pallisery made my eyebrows rise in awe quite a few times while watching this flick. I am not saying that it’s the best, but it has indeed opened doors for a lot of new talent and shown signs of shift in the way new film directors are approaching subjects.

Indrajith(Varadhan Unni) has played his role to excellence and the beauty at which he handled two shades of one person was simply marvelous. The Kathakali artist and the underworld gangster role were par excellence. I have seen such ease only in one other actor our “Lalettan”. I personally like my hero when his cry feels original and when he holds the gun in its true manner. Indrajith has been fabulous in both these areas.

Thilakan(Vincent Karnavar) impressed me with his ex don role. Also did Dhanya Mary (Maria). The supporting actors were awesome. Siddique was not quite at his best in this movie.

The story has been divided into parts derived from Kathakali. Although the story line and screenplay are at times predictive and boring. The director and the artists have done their best to bring freshness in their approach. The background music for this movie was marvelous. The action sequences in the movie were at times quite enthralling and at times very dull. The visuals of the movie are a great treat to watch. The negative aspect was at times the director had a tendency to bring in situations from ‘Ghajini’.

In short this is a good attempt by a debutante director and we should encourage such promising talent. A sincere request to the entire film industry – utilize actor Indrajith to the maximum level possible because this guy is full of talent.

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