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Long Time No Post!

Predictably, I have got the most obvious reason- I was busy.

Past few months have been pretty much exhausting. The Project, Telstra (Australian Telecom), on which I was working since the time I joined IBM , is shut down(almost). Early this year, Telstra decided to move its maintenance projects from IBM to new low- bidding vendors. It was a nice+weird experience to see people from other companies coming to IBM in order to get the knowledge transferred. It was funny to see them gulp 14 Years of IBM’s experience with Telstra in 60 days!  Well,  Good Luck Telstra, Break a leg!

My new venture, another Telecom Biggie- Vodafone, handled by IBM. Its a comparatively new project with more responsibilities and challenges (which includes a 50 KM drive everyday through wheezing Bangalore Traffic… wtf?!). Anyway thats my story and the saga still continues!

I hope to squeeze out a little time in the future to keep my blog frequently posted.

-Stay Beautiful, Ciao.

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