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Nandi Hills & Kalavara Betta: A Sunrise Expectation

Memories of the delightful Coorg trip had not yet sunk in. Last weekend, we didn’t have our regular MS classes, so I was musing what to do to enjoy the break. While browsing through Orkut, I came across Dhina’s album. He had made a recent trip to Nandi Hills with his friends. The pictures he had uploaded gave me some insight into how wonderful that place was through a photographer’s lens. Also, I remembered that I had once been there when I was staying with Navas some 2 years ago. Santosh was keen on visiting this place. Many of my friends had not made it to Coorg due to official and personal issues.  Hence, I proposed a bike trip to Nandi Hills. Rajeev declined at the last moment as usual. Venus had expressed his unavailability earlier. But over all, the crowd was big this time.

Riders: Ajo, Anoop, Anto, Grettu, Govind, Jerry, Manoj, Manu, Mithun, Rahul, Santosh,  Sitti, Sumesh and Yadav

Vehicles: Apache, Pulsar, Fiero, Unicorn, CBZ Xtreme, Maruti Swift

Total Distance Covered: 140 km


The wait:

Most of us reached diary circle by 3.15 am on the 12th of October. Grettu and his roomies were yet to come. The occasional reminder calls to him from all of us always brought the same reply – he will be there within 5 minutes. After a while, we got tired of the reply and started without him. The idea was that as he was traveling by car and could catch up with us on the highway. We rode to Devanahalli Airport. The chilly morning air posed difficulty for all us. Everyone agreed that it was bit cooler than Mysore road in the wee hours of the morning. Most of the group sped off, but I moved with a decent speed. The interesting fact was that I had not slept at all the previous night – I was wary of whether I would be able to go for the trip. But at last, excitement got the better of my decision. We sped along away into the morning and with the usual confusion about the route. We reached Kalavara Betta at around 6.00 am.

Kalavara Betta:

I have to say that I am disappointed totally in myself for some of my blunders. This was the first time I went for a trip without any knowledge about the place. Only when we reached the place did we know that we had to trek some 5 km to reach the top. This, no one knew before hand or rather, those who knew had kept quite. So this particular part will be about what we actually missed.

Kalavara Betta Hills are a part of the Skandagiri Hills. They are some 58 km from Bangalore. The speciality of the place is that once you reach the top you will be amidst clouds and get a blissfully scintillating view of the sunrise. On the way to the top you will cross a fort which was part built by Haider Ali and later completed by his son Tipu Sultan. The fort is a monumental structure and hence undoubtedly a beautiful building. At the top, you will also find an old temple of my favourite God – Lord Ganesha. An interesting fact here is that you will find a ‘Nandi’ opposite the Lord, which, normally, one would see only in a Shiva Temple.

I was not at all interested in trekking as I was not mentally prepared for it. But then Anto Bhaiyya said we will go till where we can and then return. Hence we trekked up about 2 km, took some pretty good pictures and descended. Yeah! I know what you must be thinking. But honestly there was no energy or mood. If you want to savour the beauty or the true meaning of the place, please reach there the previous night and start trekking at 12.00 am. Then you will reach the top before sunrise. I really rue missing that chance!

After descending, we all had hot idlis and tea and then started off to Nandi Hills. Meanwhile, Grettu had reached there with his friends.

Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills are around 27 km from Kalavara Betta. The last 15 km are the hike towards the top, which can be covered on vehicle. We reached the hill top by 9 am. The mist and the fog were slowly subsiding and the Sun was spreading its radiance.

These hills got their name because they resemble the ‘Shiva Vahanam’ – ‘Nandi’.  The most attractive spot here is the Tipu Drop. It is said that prisoners sentenced to death were pushed down the cliff at this very point. It gives a picturesque view of lush greenery and dense mist. The air is cool. I would call it a romantic spot for people who have an economical budget.  We spent time there – clicked some cool pictures, had a little fun and then started descending. We reached home at about noon. The return was a bit slow with occasional traffic signals that blocked our speedy progress.



I will never go for a trip without gathering ample information from friends with prior experience or from the internet. People who are planning to go, please do trek up the Kalavara Betta hills at the right time and enjoy the experience. Hoping that my wish to view the sunrise in its most exotic form will be realised some day, let me stop here.


Edited by: Rekha Narayanaswamy

Photographs: Rahul Soman


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  1. K.Balaji
    June 14, 2010 at 9:05 am

    nicely written Rahul ! reminds me of my good old days when I visited Nandi Hills with a group of my friends ! Nice to read about Kalavra Betta !

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