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A Ride to the Hell!

Exhausted after a day’s work, I step outside my work place, I see those anxious eyes waiting to hear me say the name of some far off place, preferably a crowded place with some shopping mall or a cinema theatre. Doubtfully, I say in a feeble voice ,”BTM” and suddenly I see those faces turn away as if they never saw me..  To begin with, all places seem to be unacceptable to them. Ask them, “BTM?” “No” comes the answer. At times they are so rude, they won’t even respond to you. At the very utterance of the name BTM they would make such a face and would drive away from you so fast that you would feel sorry for ever wanting to go to a place like BTM. Now ask them vice versa, “JAL BHAVAN” (land mark near my company,as I am afraid that I would be charged insane if I tell my company as my destination)?” “No” “BTM to Koramangala?” “No”. “vice versa?” “No.” “BTM to MG road?” Yes. Thankfully. But “Vice Versa?” No. “MG road to Koramangala” No. or Yes but one and half.





After waiting for more than half an hour I feel so happy when an autowala nodes his head and asks me to get in. Suddenly, I feel as if I just made through. I just step in and I hear a following voice saying “chalees rupay dedo” (give me 40 Rs.).. Ah Wo!! Why the heck should I pay him more!!? I get terribly annoyed and feel like telling him that begging would have been better!! 




 3 wheeled money sucking monster! 

Auto-rickshaw drivers are the nightmare of the city. They generally tend to charge on an ad-hoc basis depending on the distance of the destination or the chances of getting another customer from the mentioned locality or according to your attire!, if nothing else, instead of charging by the meter. One should be tactful enough when approaching an auto-rickshaw during night, or during heavy rains. Chances are they would be charged with exorbitant rates.            

However, meters are just for the sake of it. Don’t be happy if some autowala says that he is ready to come for meter charge. You bet!, the meter is tampered, and you are gonna be robbed baby! Also, over time, I think that the IT crowd has spoiled them. They must have asked for some nominal Y at first, dude earning tones might have paid that, and now after so many years, Y is big!     


Driving Auto has just become a way of making easy money rather than serving the purpose of a public transport. Actually, an auto ride in Bangalore is not supposed to be too expensive. It is Rs.7/- per kilometer, with a minimum of at least Rs. 14/- per ride. Autos add a 50% surcharge after 10 pm (called “one and half”). Some drivers Just wait for the clock to tick 9 or some just demand 100% surcharge after 10PM or 11PM. Its all seems useless to argue when you are in a hurry to reach office to attend to an urgent issue or meeting or tired after work.


Currently, there are over 90,000 auto-rickshaws in Bangalore and we are still counting. Still Almost all of us have suffered under their hands at one time or the other. Everyone of us might have seen autowalas taking advantage of the tourists who arrive here. They are literally a threat to our tourism growth. What’s more annoying is their rude behavior and rude language. They drive like maniacs and speak like rowdy’s. There are simply no code of driving for these guys today.They are the cause of several accidents and chaotic traffic that you see everyday on Bangalore roads. And if someone decides to question them, you see a bunch of autowala’s appearing from nowhere to support their fellow driver. Unity in atrocity!

Its not because our govt. is not aware of it. No one is capable enough to come down heavily upon these drivers, either because of political stakes or because of negligence. The civilians have no choice but keep making unyielding reports and complaints. After all, what are civilians for – to vote politicians to power and then watch them make money!! 

This is a kind request to all the readers of this post. Please do your best to not encourage such corruption! Rs.10 might not be a big deal for you. But let our negligence not make the lives of those not-so-rich people miserable!

People visiting Bangalore must be careful while hiring an auto-rickshaw or you might have to face embarrassing or annoying situations.                         


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  1. Rahul
    April 3, 2008 at 6:07 am

    Santosh! Well noted and quoted buddy! A negligence from the upper class has always made the life miserable for the common man.

  2. June 3, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    Subjunctive says : I absolutely agree with this !

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