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Maa Nishadhaa!

What has the world come to?. Come on folks. Every channel I switch to, the news flash running at the bottom of the screen has at least one incident to report where a teacher hitting a child till death or sometimes leaving some life. The way kids are being tortured are many. Some deliver hard blows through canes. Some give electric shocks. Even more horrific acts are there. But the ultimate intent is to inflict maximum pain.
Why do human beings want to hurt each other and take ones life?. The world is so huge, that all can still live in harmony. Parents of these kids toil hard all day to give the best for their kids. They trust the teachers to provide for a good future for their loved ones. But imagine a scene where a mother,father or both have to see the dead body of their loving child whom they so passionately sent to school. Recently, a 15 year old girl was thrashed to such an extent that she slipped to coma. She was hospitalized due to blood clotting in her brain. Then there is the case where a teacher applied electric shock to 22 kids using equipments in a physics lab. This is mostly similar to corporal punishments. Even hard core criminals are treated in a better in this society . Why do the future citizens of India have to be groomed in this manner?.

The Supreme Court banned corporal punishment in 2000 but reports of brutal and humiliating ‘disciplining’ of children in the country are frequent.The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), too, protects children from all forms of physical violence (Article 19) and from inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment (Article 37). India is a signatory to the UNCRC. But as usual there is a common say that rules are meant to be broken.

We command to be a land of learned. All are working in MNC’s. These are our kids. Stripping them in public, slapping them until they become deaf,paralyzed. The progress of any nation lies in the hands of the upcoming youth. If we are so hell bound to nip them in the bud. We might end up with a deaf, paralyzed,mentally afflicted next generation in a while. There should be mass awareness and reaction against this social evil. Discipline doesn’t comes with pain. It comes with understanding and love. God is love. Kids need affection and care. Nothing more,nothing less.

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  1. santosh kulkarni
    March 28, 2008 at 5:45 am

    Very few adults realise that beating is not a way to discipline children whether he is a parent or a teacher. Until they educate themselves, this is going to be continued.Making laws as you said is not helpful. Only way to reduce such problems is to spread constant awareness about this issue in media like T.V./ Radio,newspapers etc. There should be constant hammering on adults to make them alert always to be sensitive with children.

  2. Rahul
    March 28, 2008 at 6:13 am

    Yes Santosh, We need to generate a lot of general awareness. I am sad today because the girl that has been mentioned in my post died. All of us should be ashamed about the world we live in

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