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Itz storytime….. :)

March 27, 2008 1 comment

25.jpg Let me tell you a story…. the story of a little girl who was lost in a dream of her own. Like every other kid, she too created a fantasy world where she could live her life the way she wanted, with the people she cared for most… and she could have gotten away with it too. But alas! life had other plans for her in mind…

Her godmother as she was, life wanted to be a good mentor to her. So what did godmother life do?  Did she fulfil her every wish?  No, she did not. Did she show her how to reach out to the stars that so fascinated her? No, she did not. She chose the path that only a true mentor would show…

The path was adorned with lovely white rosebushes on either side. The girl followed, mesmerised by the beauty of it… the sincerity and the purity that it radiated. She was so engrossed in admiring and caressing the white roses that she totally ignored the tender green grass that supported her throughout,  protecting her little bare feet from the stones that turned up every now and then on the path.

As she walked on, she realized that something seemed to be different. Somehow, the scenery around her had changed. And then she noticed it…the roses were not white anymore. It had turned into a pinkish shade.. coloured by the small red droplets that came out from the scratches made by those invisible thorns on the rosebushes on her delicate palms. For a moment or so, she stopped.  Should she go forward…she thought. But the child as she is, inspite of the pain she felt, the pink roses still attracted her too much to give up now. And so, she walked on…However, she wished she weren’t alone anymore. She dreamed of  a companion….somebody to talk to…someone who would understand her in a way nobody had… someone who would be more than happy to give her all the time in the world. And then life said, “as you wish….”

(To be continued…)

(p.s: dont kick me if it turns out into a megaserial… 🙂 …after all, you asked for it.. 🙂 )

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Maa Nishadhaa!

March 27, 2008 2 comments

What has the world come to?. Come on folks. Every channel I switch to, the news flash running at the bottom of the screen has at least one incident to report where a teacher hitting a child till death or sometimes leaving some life. The way kids are being tortured are many. Some deliver hard blows through canes. Some give electric shocks. Even more horrific acts are there. But the ultimate intent is to inflict maximum pain.
Why do human beings want to hurt each other and take ones life?. The world is so huge, that all can still live in harmony. Parents of these kids toil hard all day to give the best for their kids. They trust the teachers to provide for a good future for their loved ones. But imagine a scene where a mother,father or both have to see the dead body of their loving child whom they so passionately sent to school. Recently, a 15 year old girl was thrashed to such an extent that she slipped to coma. She was hospitalized due to blood clotting in her brain. Then there is the case where a teacher applied electric shock to 22 kids using equipments in a physics lab. This is mostly similar to corporal punishments. Even hard core criminals are treated in a better in this society . Why do the future citizens of India have to be groomed in this manner?.

The Supreme Court banned corporal punishment in 2000 but reports of brutal and humiliating ‘disciplining’ of children in the country are frequent.The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), too, protects children from all forms of physical violence (Article 19) and from inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment (Article 37). India is a signatory to the UNCRC. But as usual there is a common say that rules are meant to be broken.

We command to be a land of learned. All are working in MNC’s. These are our kids. Stripping them in public, slapping them until they become deaf,paralyzed. The progress of any nation lies in the hands of the upcoming youth. If we are so hell bound to nip them in the bud. We might end up with a deaf, paralyzed,mentally afflicted next generation in a while. There should be mass awareness and reaction against this social evil. Discipline doesn’t comes with pain. It comes with understanding and love. God is love. Kids need affection and care. Nothing more,nothing less.

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Yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai….

March 27, 2008 4 comments

Santosh: – In school everyone must have read “Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell”. Santosh is the Mitochondria of our gang. Ah! We are rest all boring commodities. 😛He brings a charm to our gang.One of the most wonderful person I have come across in my life by far. Very open person to whom yu can let yourself out. Trust-worthy and honest at heart and his feelings. 


Hey Santhy be wat you are and never change for any cause. 

Ankita: – A very simple-minded genuine person I have come across. I have hardly spent ample time with her, but honestly I like her a lot. Jovial. Loves taking “random pictures”. And ya, her sketches are awesome. 


Cutie, we love you a lot! Gud wishes for your future. 

Sangeetha:- “Chutki”…. That’s what we call her! Small in structure, big in thoughts. The lovable, easy-going person on earth. She believes in one principle “Love thy world!” and that’s what makes her special to us. At times makes us cry with her pranks n jokes. But very forgetful also. Baby, do not lose any more stuff… 😛 

ONE WORD – Big-Nose! 😀 

We all love you for what you are! 

Yadav :- hahahahhahahaha………….. Last time he was serious when…………. Hmmmmmmmmm………. Can’t remember! “Nandankumar”….. I call him, nandu in short….. Doesn’t it mean Nandi – the Bull…? Nah! Just opposite to the name… Shaanth, sushil ladka hai yeh! 


Naina :- Ah! Guys never take her to cold…… Nayana or Naina….. Eyes- Mirror of the mind. Exactly, that’s wat she is! Clear at heart which reflects in her nature! Revolutionary girl! A pukka movie buff! Very lively.  


Rahul :- A real choco lover. 🙂A true friend for every human being. A person at next door to whom you can confide in and belive easily. Has a God Gifted vocal quality but yet to believe in that and nurture.  


Da, for you also, be what you are!

Its very hard to find genuine ppl on earth. 

I am proud to have a bunch! 

Love all,Cho

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