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Rage Against Apple : The more u pull, the stronger u would be hit!!

A lot of mess happening about iphones for quite a period now. Apple showed mercy on the earthlings by releasing its godsend phone. Guess what?? This bejeweled piece of work was released in US with a contract with AT&T service provider. Why the hell will anyone do that when they can still earn hell a lot of money with the AnySim concept!!



The phone with its large multi-touch display and OS X is indeed a piece meant to be owned. When it was released Steve Jobs claimed it to be three devices in one–

* a phone.

* an ipod.

* an internet communication device.


It has cool finger touch options like

  • Youtube,
  • Safari(an advanced browser),
  • An advanced mail client that can fetch your mails from most pop3 or IMAP mail services,
  • Google Maps (that’s awesome!!),
  • An Accelerometer( a feature that u might have seen in many digicam display, that automatically changes your display content to landscape or portrait according to the position you hold it),
  • Proximity sensor (this feature turns off the display as soon as you lift your phone up to your ear).
  • It also has a lot of Widgets like whether report stock report etc (similar to the ones you have in Google desktops).
  • Any ofcourse, serves the purpose of a video ipod

Well, well!! It misses some of the basic functionalities though.. Like voice or video recording, MMS et cetera …

Here is the Biggie.. Apple not only disallows any service other than AT &T (which is believed to be some dinosaur turt), it holds your phone a hostage too. It won’t allow anyone else to develop softwares for it. You can only download those features that apple releases with its firmware, probably u should only. What the hell!!




And adding more to it, it doesn’t support the basic java features that can be run even on a simplest motorola gig .. aah awesome!! and here it goes..


 iphones unlocked !! 


Folks around the world have created so many firmwares (v 1.01,1.0.2.. and I don’t know how many more) that not only unlock your phones i.e. can put any SIM, but also avail you with the benefits of all third party softwares.. wow..




NOW WHAT??.. APPLE is ANGRY!! (I don’t understand what sort of obligations do they share with AT &T) and I am terribly unhappy about what they did. They BRICKED all unlocked phones. To be more specific, it would serve u with the purpose of being a paper-weight!! ##$$@#^$&^!!!!!!!!!!

And yeah.. Obviously declaring the warranty void!!


Apple released a firmware v 1.1.1 with some new features and bug fixes which when installed on your iphone will expedite the metamorphosis of you phone into a paper-weight. Holy shit!! Why would they do this merciless heinous crap when they had other options too.. like just relocking the phone and uninstalling all third party softwares. But that was not all they did!!

I smell another Microsoft here!!




iphone buyers all over the world who have engaged themselves in bricking their phones are desperately waiting with their fingers crossed for a ray of hope. Hackers are working their ass off to develop a code that would bring back the phone to its factory settings.


So people, one honest advice…





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  1. October 18, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    Hey, just dropped by… good work! I’m adding you to my RSS feed reader as well… Cheers.

  1. October 9, 2007 at 3:16 am

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