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Dreams, I just love ’em.

I am just about to get all my wishes fulfilled, everything just goes awesome, until the stupid alarm starts wailing. My hand spreads out in the direction of the alarm clock and my trembling fingers linger in the infinity, trying to reach the stupid thing and shut it up, as if everything was involuntary.

The dawn breaks and the sun sends a glint of its golden shine though my window.  I rub my eyes with my knuckles to wipe my sleep off. I blink repeatedly to get the sense of the reality. Through the window I see the leaves swaying past the gentle cold breeze. The chirp of distant birds reach my eardrums. I lay on my cozy bed, calm and still. Its a new day again.

I slowly throw my warm rug aside and rise up a little in an attempt to get up. But when I look back, I am drawn to it. The warmth of my bed holds me back with a promise of comfort and peace. After a second of thinking, I give up. I decide to lay down just a little longer, resting my face to the beckoning arms of my soft pillow.

I feel the world of dreams is far better than the reality. Atleast there, I have the power to decide my fate. A world full of friends and no foes. Everything is so fresh as if the spring never ends. I can marry cleopatra, if I want to, and fly around where ever I wish to. Everything is so perfect.

After a moment of contemplation,I am suddenly reminded of the world of reality. A world where a man spends most of his life hounding his deams and seeking ways to make things perfect. I realize how insignificant I am in this whole world. There is no one here who loves you more than themselves. No one accompanies you through out, not even your shadow!

And my brain sends signals through my neurons, to my hands and legs. My muscles warm up and I stomp off to join the herd, or atleast, trying to keep up with this fast moving world.

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