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Google versus The darkened Google

“BLACKLE”, Thats what I am talking about!!! And as I always have this habbit of blabbering about some insignificant ape shit… here it goes!!

Blackle, the new website, claims to be the starting point for eco-conscious web searchers. So whats the catch?? It claims itself to be saving 200,459.427 watt hrs of electicity till now, and still counting. Duh!!

Blackle, a black screen with light coloured text, serves as a front-end to the google and reverses the colour schemes of the search results page. And how does it save power?? For the obvious reason that it simply has a black background. There is a limitation here. Quite a significant limitation. The site may save anything from 5 % to 20 % on an old CRT monitor. But what about the new LCD monitors, which are over 75 % in current market?? On an LCD monitor the rate of power consumption is not related to the colour that is displayed. So it dosen’t really matter whether the site is black or white!!

The 3 biggest disadvantages, holy cow, the site is black, black and black!! How the hell am I supposed to read the stuff? Its very difficult to read on a dark backgound. Come on ape-descendants!! Stop screwing around and get back to work. Who the hell cares about a fraction of power when its not user friendly! Blackle claims that its aim is to make people eco-conscious everytime they use google. I would say, when it is difficult for people to read, they would spend a little more time and the power consumption would be relatively more. What a great solution for energy crisis! Thanks.

Enough of cons.. The site may be I guess.. I suppose… I hope… will be a little helpfull to the eyes that stray all day on google pages. 🙂


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