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Dreams, I just love ’em.

September 23, 2007 Leave a comment

I am just about to get all my wishes fulfilled, everything just goes awesome, until the stupid alarm starts wailing. My hand spreads out in the direction of the alarm clock and my trembling fingers linger in the infinity, trying to reach the stupid thing and shut it up, as if everything was involuntary.

The dawn breaks and the sun sends a glint of its golden shine though my window.  I rub my eyes with my knuckles to wipe my sleep off. I blink repeatedly to get the sense of the reality. Through the window I see the leaves swaying past the gentle cold breeze. The chirp of distant birds reach my eardrums. I lay on my cozy bed, calm and still. Its a new day again.

I slowly throw my warm rug aside and rise up a little in an attempt to get up. But when I look back, I am drawn to it. The warmth of my bed holds me back with a promise of comfort and peace. After a second of thinking, I give up. I decide to lay down just a little longer, resting my face to the beckoning arms of my soft pillow.

I feel the world of dreams is far better than the reality. Atleast there, I have the power to decide my fate. A world full of friends and no foes. Everything is so fresh as if the spring never ends. I can marry cleopatra, if I want to, and fly around where ever I wish to. Everything is so perfect.

After a moment of contemplation,I am suddenly reminded of the world of reality. A world where a man spends most of his life hounding his deams and seeking ways to make things perfect. I realize how insignificant I am in this whole world. There is no one here who loves you more than themselves. No one accompanies you through out, not even your shadow!

And my brain sends signals through my neurons, to my hands and legs. My muscles warm up and I stomp off to join the herd, or atleast, trying to keep up with this fast moving world.

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“WordPress”, It’s Impressive :)

September 19, 2007 Leave a comment

As my friend says “Change is the most stable thing in the word”, not only I had to change, but my blog too. I have changed my blogsite from blogspot to wordpress. Its simply fantastic. With its user – friendly features, I’m flattered. If you have blog already, don’t worry. This site has cool features to import your blogs and comments from other blog sites. 🙂 Wordpress is handy and creates your new blog within seconds. Most important of all, it has so many cool themes that are simply awesome.
So what are u waiting for?? Didn’t u find an RSS thing just clinging somewhere here?? So here I stomp off.

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Google versus The darkened Google

September 14, 2007 Leave a comment

“BLACKLE”, Thats what I am talking about!!! And as I always have this habbit of blabbering about some insignificant ape shit… here it goes!!

Blackle, the new website, claims to be the starting point for eco-conscious web searchers. So whats the catch?? It claims itself to be saving 200,459.427 watt hrs of electicity till now, and still counting. Duh!!

Blackle, a black screen with light coloured text, serves as a front-end to the google and reverses the colour schemes of the search results page. And how does it save power?? For the obvious reason that it simply has a black background. There is a limitation here. Quite a significant limitation. The site may save anything from 5 % to 20 % on an old CRT monitor. But what about the new LCD monitors, which are over 75 % in current market?? On an LCD monitor the rate of power consumption is not related to the colour that is displayed. So it dosen’t really matter whether the site is black or white!!

The 3 biggest disadvantages, holy cow, the site is black, black and black!! How the hell am I supposed to read the stuff? Its very difficult to read on a dark backgound. Come on ape-descendants!! Stop screwing around and get back to work. Who the hell cares about a fraction of power when its not user friendly! Blackle claims that its aim is to make people eco-conscious everytime they use google. I would say, when it is difficult for people to read, they would spend a little more time and the power consumption would be relatively more. What a great solution for energy crisis! Thanks.

Enough of cons.. The site may be I guess.. I suppose… I hope… will be a little helpfull to the eyes that stray all day on google pages. 🙂

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