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“Ignorance of software piracy, not a bliss anymore”

“Every time somebody invents a better mouse-trap, criminals figure out how to break that. … It will be hard to stop the determined pirate”, Microsoft India chairman Ravi Venkatesan goes on. Software Piracy has absolutely become an major issue in India. Software industries in India are continously abated due to the fact. No doubt that India is the Information technology powerhouse, but nevertheless, all our excellence is in exporting software services. There are no successful sw companies that are serving the domestic market (except one or two like TALLY).

India not only evens up in population with china but sw piracy too, one of the largest sw pirate, with an alarming rate of 72 %. Who wants a genuine copy when there are thousands of options available. Most of the softwares are available as trial versions in internet, which normally asks to register for a full version. Get the damn thing downloaded and the rest will be taken care by some anonymous site that will give you the registeration key and cracks to any software that the world has ever known.

These sites have become a living nightmare for the software industries. Who said that the registration key for windows OS cannot be generated because it uses some gig algorithm to generate them. There are some sites like http://www.keygen.us/ which can generate a new 25 digit registeration key overnight.

Till now there are many steps taken by the sw manufacturing industries to control the piracy, like the fake version of the sw will not be able to download the additional upgrade versions et cetera, but all in vain. One of the things Microsoft is doing in windows vista , so called the ‘Reduced funcitionality mode’, to make sure that if some one is not able to show that his copy of software is genuine, he will have a worst experience of the software.

This will have an significant effect on the casual pirate but it still will not suffice to stop the determined ones. As the saying goes in tamil “Thirudana paarthu thirundalena , thirutta ozhikka mudiyaathu” (means that theft cant be wiped off unless the thiefs atone by themselves), its a climate that we have to change.

Read full article @ http://www.hindu.com/2007/08/22/stories/2007082254291100.htm

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